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20 Tips to increase Twitter Followers

On the web you can find alot of articles that describe various tricks & tips on how to increase the number of your twitter followers. Additionally lots of companies have created software & services that can help you automate the whole procedure. Even if some of those programs and techniques do work in some cases, it is highly recommended not to base a social media campaign on spammy techniques because it can really affect your company image. In this article I will focus on well-tested white-hat techniques that can be used to increase the number of your followers. I stress that these are not magic tricks that will increase your followers in one single day. These are good techniques that can help you on the long-term increase the number of your twitter followers, maintain them and build a loyal target audience. 1. Be an active user on twitter If you want to increase your follower count, make sure you post regularly & send most of your tweets during the right hours of the day when most people are online. 2. Place relevant social media buttons in your blog If are an active blogger you should place relevant social media buttons on a

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