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          1. 廣州易測儀器有公司(法國來美粘度計、流變儀、質構儀技術服務中心),是一家專門提供世界各知名品牌儀器、實驗室儀器整體配套方案、儀器維修和實驗室設計的專業儀器技術服務網站,業務覆蓋從基礎型到大型專業化實驗室、工業檢測儀器;由于廣州易測儀器多年來一直服務于國內各行業不同領域,積累了豐富技術服務經驗,現已成為多個著名品牌的國內授權代理商; 法國來美粘度計、流變儀、質構儀技術服務中心主要業務儀器維修/應用測試/安裝調試/技術培訓/專題講座/銷售等 進口儀器批發、維修:更專業、更實惠!讓您繁瑣的工作變得簡易是我們的工作目標!

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                   進口粘度計 流變儀 質構儀-廣州易測儀器有限公司 >> Cecil英國塞西爾 >> 反射率分光光度計 ReflectaScan>>

            商品名稱:反射率分光光度計ReflectaScan Spectrophotometer
             反射率分光光度計ReflectaScan Spectrophotometer
              商品編號: 20144272016
              商品規格: ReflectaScan Spectrophotometer
              商品品牌: Cecil
              商品庫存: 10臺 熱賣中
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            ¥1.00 元
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            應用:電子 化工 油墨 涂料 食品 啤酒 飲料 化妝品 調味品 薄膜 塑膠 建筑 教學等行業

            Universal Reflectance Measurements

            The ReflectaScan Reflectance Spectrophotometer is designed as a universal reflectance measuring instrument capable of scanning samples over the wavelength range 190-1,100nm. An integral printer plots results and an external dot matrix or colour inkjet printer may be used if required.
            Diffuse Reflectance Measurements
            The integrating sphere system allows a range of measurements to be made.
            Diffuse and specular samples
            Total hemispherical reflectance
            Specular excluded diffuse reflectance
            Transmittance of turbid or scattering samples
            Diffuse reflectance of powder samples
            Diffuse Reflectance
            The compact integrating sphere, which mounts within the instrument's sample compartment, is made from SpectralonTM which has the highest reflectance over the UV and visible region of any known substance. This gives high energy throughput resulting in excellent performance. The design is versatile, easy to use and allows for the elimination of substitution errors.
            A 0° sample rest enables measurements to be carried out with the specular component eliminated. Substituted by a 11° sample rest, total hemispherical reflectance is measured.
            A dedicated high performance SpectralonTM integrating sphere is used for diffuse reflectance and diffuse transmittance measurements. The sphere unit has its own silicon diode detector which uses a separate signal channel within the Spectrophotometer.
            Turbid or Scattering Samples
            The sphere unit is equipped with a 10mm pathlength cuvette holder so that transmittance measurements may be made for both turbid or normal samples. Scattering films may also be accommodated for measurement.
            Specular Reflectance
            A dedicated specular reflectance unit is used for specular reflectance measurements of surfaces and coated opthalmic lenses. The unit is ideal for quality assurance in the production of anti-reflection coated opthalmic lenses, many of these systems are now in use around the world.

            Diffuse Reflectance of Samples

            A scan is shown here of a poppy coloured paint sample from the Dulux paint range and also an overlay of scans for two blue paint samples each specified by its British Standard number shown on the chart.

            Below is the reflectance scan of a plain white copy paper which shows a good flat response over the visible region, with fluorescence stimulated by UV radiation showing in the short wavelength region, but the origin of which is of longer wavelength.

            All scans were made with the specular component excluded.

            Coated Lens Reflectance
            The optical performance of the anti-reflection coatings on opthalmic lenses is specifically catered for by the specular reflectance unit. A conical rest is provided to accommodate lenses up to 80mm diameter. Measurements are made with reference to an uncoated lens and the system is excellent for the production control of vacuum coated lenses. Many of these systems are now in everyday use.
            Opthalmic Lens Transmission
            The transmission characteristics of tinted opthalmic lenses may readily be measured using the CE 3077 lens mounting system. This allows the lens to be accurately centred on a carrier plate which is kinematically mounted on the body of the lens holder.
            Measurement of Thin Films
            Using the CE 3075 specular reflectance unit, the thickness of films deposited on a surface, for instance a epitaxial film of silicon dioxide on a silicon wafer, is readily measured.
            The reflectance scan of such a film against wavelength produces a series of transmission maxima and minima due to the interference between energy reflected from the front surface of the film and that reflected from the interface between the film and its substrate.
            Film thickness is calculated from an equation relating the number of peaks to their wavelength separation. Alternatively, ColourScan software may be used for automatic calculations.  Films down to about 0.1 microns in thickness may be measured.
            A scan of a deposited film is shown here, the film thickness was calculated to be 1.05 microns.
            Software is available (ColourScan), to enable a wide range of automatic calculations including tristimulus values, chromaticity, CIE L* A* B, CIE L* U* V, Hunter, metric colour, whiteness and yellowness.
            Standard illuminant tables include CIE, A, B & C and CIE D50, D65 & D75. Observer tables include 2° and 10° angles.
            Shown here is part of a complete printout from a light blue paint sample produced by the colour software programme.
            Automatic Colour Measurements 
            DataStream software Specifications and Spectrophotometer Ordering


            ReflectaScan Spectrophotometer
            Each purchased Spectrophotometer is supplied complete with single cell holder, power cable, operators manual and short form instructions.
            Specifications and Ordering of spectrophotometer and accessories
            Optical Monochromator   Littrow using 1200 L/mm holographic grating  
            Optical Bandwidth   4nm  
            Wavelength Range and Accuracy   190-1100nm, better than ±1nm  
            Wavelength Reproducibility   ±0.1nm  
            Self Test and Calibration   Automatic at switch on  
            Wavelength Scale Expansion   Selectable by keyboard entry 1-100nm/cm  
            Scan Speed   Selectable by keyboard entry 1-4000nm/min  
            Straylight   Typically <0.01% at 220nm and 340nm  
            Display Screen - Backlit LCD   Displays menus, plots etc with six screen widths of viewing.  
            Photometric Ranges   Digital display of -0.3-3A, 0-200%T, 0-9999C 
            Photometric Accuracy   ±0.005A or 1% whichever is greater 
            Photometric Noise   Less than ±0.0002A (500nm) 
            Baseline Flatness   Better than ±0.002A most of range 
            Baseline Stability   Better than 0.001A/hour, 500nm 
            Overlayed Scans   Scans and derivatives with or without offset 
            Spectral Reprocessing   Scans manipulated and replotted over any range 
            Scan Storage   Up to 100 stored security code protected 
            Curve Fitting and Editing   Linear, quadratic or cubic; up to 30 standards 
            Cell and Wavelength Programming   Up to 8 cells and 10 wavelengths in any combination 
            Method Storage   Up to 30 methods stored in safe memory 
            Derivative Spectra   1st and 2nd derivatives 
            Peak Seek   Automatic search programme, baseline corrected 
            Time Course Plotting   Plots may be reprocessed and stored 
            Real Time Clock   Timed and dated reports 
            Computer/printer interfaces   Bi-directional serial RS232C and USB ports 
            Size & Weight   480 x 340 x 205mm, 19kg, 
            Power Requirements   110-250V, 50/60Hz, 170W 

            優異 高效液相色譜系統
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