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          1. 廣州易測儀器有公司(法國來美粘度計、流變儀、質構儀技術服務中心),是一家專門提供世界各知名品牌儀器、實驗室儀器整體配套方案、儀器維修和實驗室設計的專業儀器技術服務網站,業務覆蓋從基礎型到大型專業化實驗室、工業檢測儀器;由于廣州易測儀器多年來一直服務于國內各行業不同領域,積累了豐富技術服務經驗,現已成為多個著名品牌的國內授權代理商; 法國來美粘度計、流變儀、質構儀技術服務中心主要業務儀器維修/應用測試/安裝調試/技術培訓/專題講座/銷售等 進口儀器批發、維修:更專業、更實惠!讓您繁瑣的工作變得簡易是我們的工作目標!

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                   進口粘度計 流變儀 質構儀-廣州易測儀器有限公司 >> WACO美國沃克 >> 導電率測定儀>>

            商品名稱:導電率儀WACO Enamel Rater II
             導電率儀WACO Enamel Rater II
              商品編號: WACO Enamel Rater II
              商品品牌: 美國WACO沃克
              商品庫存: 10 熱賣中
              商品折扣: 0折 ( 贈送積分0分 )
            ¥0.00 元
            VIP 價:
            量范圍:0 to 500 ma

            通過測試導電率:判定罐子的內涂層是否完整即內涂層的完整性;同時我公司可提供罐蓋導電率測定附件及 6.3 ma標準校驗塊;并能夠提供橢圓罐的測試附件.

            Measure enamel coverage fast, with improved accuracy!

                 The new WACO Enamel Rater II instrument test the coverage of the enamel coating inside food and beverage cans. It displays an index of the amount of metal exposed by incomplete enamel coverage on a clear, easily read digital LED.
                 The instrument applies a constant voltage across the can body and an electrode immersed in an electrolyte-filled can, and measures the resulting current. Test voltage is set at 6.3 VDC but is adjustable from 4 to 9 VDC. Operating range is 0 to 500 milliamperes with accurate resolution within 0.1ma. Remote sensing power supply ensures accuracy by measuring and regulating test voltage at the can being tested.
                 The instrument operates in industry standard 4 second mode, continuously, or can be programmed to measure any desired time. In 4-second mode, the display shows the reading only at 4 seconds. In
            continuous mode the reading is displayed beside elapsed time with the 4-second reading automatically stored in memory for recall. A simple and foolproof calibration self-test verifies correct, accurate operation.
                 Location of exposed metal can be determined by reversing voltage which causes bubbles of gas to form on exposed metal for easy visual identification. Electrolyte level and can contact sensors ensure that testing begins only when can is properly filled with electrolyte solution and good electrical contact with the can has been established.
                 The sturdy enclosure includes a sealed-membrane keypad for protection against moisture and corrosion in the factory environment. An RS232 serial interface permits use with remote computers, printers or data collectors. 110V or 220V versions are available.



            Display: 0.4" LED, two-digit timer, four-digit milliamp readings Remote sensing power supply: Improves accuracy by measuring and regulating voltage at the can under test
            Power Supply: Constant voltage, factory set at 6.3V, adjustable 4V to 9V Display hold: Pauses display, returns to real time reading when pressed again
            Range: 0 to 500 ma Voltage rev.: Reverses polarity of electrode to reveal location of exposed metal
            Fill height sensor: Electrolyte must be filled to proper level to start test Rear Panel: Power cord socket, RS232 serial output, Can Holder/End Panel Holder Socket
            Can Contact Sensor: Good electrical contact to can must be established to start test Dimensions: Console-6 1/4"w x 4 1/2"h x 7 1/2"d
            Can Holder-8"w x 12" h x 12"d
            Mode Selection: 4-second - automatically reads and displays 4 second reading Shipping Dimensions: 20" x 14" x 12"
            Continuous - displays changing readins with elapsed times, stores and recalls 4-second and programmable changes Net Weight: 7 lb
            Programmable - automatically reads and displays the reading at any elapsed time selected by the operator Shipping Weight: 12 lb

            Ordering Information

            Catalog No Description Catalog No Description
            10788-00 WACO Digital Enamel Rater II - 110V, 50/60 Hz, complete with can holder 10788-50 WACO Digital Enamel Rater II - 220V, 50/60 Hz, complete with can holder
            10779-20 Printer - connects to Enamel Rater II for automatic recording of data, 110V, 50/60 Hz 10788-17 Cable adapter / foot switch - required to connect WACO End Panel Holder to Enamel Rater II
            10788-19 Test resistor-reads 6.3 ma 10788-20 Test resistor-reads 12.6 ma
            10788-25 Test resistor-reads 126 ma 10788-30 Test resistor-reads 252 ma

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