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DigitalOnlineStrategy.com is a blog focused on everything related to Digital marketing & Online strategy.

My posts in this blog will cover all the important areas of digital marketing like:  SEO, SEM, email marketing, web analytics, social media marketing, ecommerce, website usability and web design.

My name is Ben Liau, and I decided to start this blog to share my knowledge and experience of being a digital marketer. I have been doing digital marketing for many years, even before the online buzz hit Australia. I am very passionate about the digital marketing industry and consider myself a digital marketing enthusiast and also and evangelist.

Through being a digital marketer for so many years, I have had many experiences in testing out new strategies, while also following and starting new trends. This industry is an evolving one, and nothing stays the same for a very long time.

I am always keeping up with changes and trends in the digital marketing industry, and I like teaching, sharing my thoughts, and keeping people informed about the new and cool things in the digital marketing space.

I have worked in an agency previously and now work in house for one of Australia most loved online brands. This blog is for me to share my experience and experiments, and well as discuss new trends and exciting things in the industry.

I have a firm passion in formulating marketing strategy, and integrating marketing channels to synergise off each other.

Please let me know if there is anything i can help you out with.

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