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The importance of having a good SEO person in your company

A couple of months ago I attended the annual Bruce Clay training in Sydney. Now being an SEO for the last 5 years, I’ve heard about Bruce Clay a lot and hes one of the 4 guys I follow in SEO, the other 3 being Rand Fishkin, Matt Cutts and Danny Sullivan. So being at the training was abit of a dream come true. The training was quite pricy, but I was keen on what I could learn and also keen on meeting other SEOs that were at the event to gather their thoughts about the current SEO climate with pandas and penguins jumping all around. The training went well, and Bruce Clay definitely knows a lot about SEO. From the training I realised that Bruce Clay really understands the algorithm rather than just speculating like most  “SEO experts” do.   As an SEO of over 5 years, I still learned alot and got quite a few great tips, and had my curly questions answered by Bruce Clay. I was also surprised at the attendance at the training, a real mix bag of professionals including, big brands, big agencies, small seo specialist and pure play online retailers. From chatting with

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Mummy Bloggers and the power of their influence

  I just attended the Digital Parents Blogger Conference in Melbourne last week. This was not my first bloggers conference, but it was my first mummy bloggers conference. And if you think mummy bloggers are just mums with a lot of time on their hands, think again. Mummy bloggers are one of, if not the most influential type of bloggers around. Because I work in the kids products industry, I’d thought that this would be a great way to understand the world of the mummy blogger. I was interested to understand how mummy bloggers thought they would fit into the great marketing mix, and what they thought they could offer brands. I think brands and specifically PR agencies often underestimate how strong influencers bloggers can be, especially mummy bloggers, because they write from the heart and are able to touch readers emotionally while making a connection.   From the conference ive realized  mummy bloggers: Blog about real issues that people can relate with. Are the best and most honest product reviewers Make awesome brand advocates Can positively lift a brands reputation and at the same time quickly drag it back down. Are social media engagers Are very under-valued by PR companies.

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My first speaking opportunity at the Online Retailer Conference

I know its been just over a month since the online retailer conference, but I would like to share my very first speaking experience at the online retailer conference that was held in Sydney on the 26th September 2011. We arrived in beautiful Sydney at 8am Monday morning for the social media summit, which was the pre conference event day. I had woken up at 3.30am in the same morning as our flight was in Avalon, Victoria which was 1.5 hours drive from where I lived. As you can imagine the morning started pretty fuzzy. We got to our hotel and checked in, before quickly getting to the Sydney exhibition centre as we were running abit late. When we got there we had already missed half of the keynote given by Dave Haber from . But the rest of the presentation was great, and it was good to get an inside look at how run their social media department. Then we had Nick Lansley from Tesco, who looked like he had just run a marathon prior to coming up on stage. Nick shared some pretty insightful stuff about mobile, also touching on great innovations in some of the

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Does More Posts = More Traffic?

Published by in Blogging on August 16th, 2010

Yesterday in a post discussing the popularity of list-style posts in blogging, a commenter asked me to look at the frequency of post types in relation to the traffic they bring. Following this comment I put together some statistics and ended up wondering a slightly different question, does having more blog posts mean you end up with more traffic? In the previous post I pulled up some statistics from Google Analytics to reveal that on our AppStorm blogs we had the following distribution of traffic to our different post types: Roundups: 843,024 Pageviews in July Reviews: 126,161 Pageviews in July How-To: 95,905 Pageviews in July Following on from Martin Ansty’s question in the comments, I checked and we have published the following quantities of posts: 288 Roundups 339 Reviews 159 How-to Posts Doing the Math So in other words, not only are list-style Roundups generating way more traffic, there are less of them. If you combine the results: Average Review nets 370 pageviews p/month Average How-to Post nets 600 pageviews p/month Average Roundup nets 2900 pageviews p/month So by this math, if we can add, say, another 300 Roundups to AppStorm in the next year then this time next year

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Best SEO Blogs: Top 10 Sources to Stay Up-to-Date

Posted by randfish on August 7th, 2010 at 10:12 pm Search Community Like many overly-connected web junkies, I find myself increasingly overwhelmed by information, resources and news. Sorting the signal from the noise is essential to staying sane, but missing an important development can be costly. To balance this conflict, I’ve recently re-arranged my daily reading habits (which I’ve written about several times before) and my Firefox sidebar (a critical feature that keeps me from switching to Chrome). I’ll start by sharing my top 10 sources in the field of search & SEO, then give you a full link list for those interested in seeing all the resources I use. I’ve whittled the list down to just ten to help maximize value while minimizing time expended (in my less busy days, I’d read 4-5 dozen blogs daily and even more than that each week). Top 10 Search / SEO Blogs #1 – Search Engine Land Why I Read It: For several years now, SELand has been the fastest, most accurate and well-written news source in the world of search. The news pieces in particular provide deep, useful, interesting coverage of their subjects, and though some of the columns on tactics/strategies are

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