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Does More Posts = More Traffic?

Published by in Blogging on August 16th, 2010

Yesterday in a post discussing the popularity of list-style posts in blogging, a commenter asked me to look at the frequency of post types in relation to the traffic they bring. Following this comment I put together some statistics and ended up wondering a slightly different question, does having more blog posts mean you end up with more traffic? In the previous post I pulled up some statistics from Google Analytics to reveal that on our AppStorm blogs we had the following distribution of traffic to our different post types: Roundups: 843,024 Pageviews in July Reviews: 126,161 Pageviews in July How-To: 95,905 Pageviews in July Following on from Martin Ansty’s question in the comments, I checked and we have published the following quantities of posts: 288 Roundups 339 Reviews 159 How-to Posts Doing the Math So in other words, not only are list-style Roundups generating way more traffic, there are less of them. If you combine the results: Average Review nets 370 pageviews p/month Average How-to Post nets 600 pageviews p/month Average Roundup nets 2900 pageviews p/month So by this math, if we can add, say, another 300 Roundups to AppStorm in the next year then this time next year

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