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Step-By-Step: Your First Keyword Report

To really dive into the nitty gritty of your account performance, you’re going to have to generate some custom reports. That’s because while the engine dashboards provide some top level data on your reports, they’re too general and non-specific most of the time to be really useful. Today I’ll take you step-by-step through your first keyword report in Google AdWords. It’s not difficult, but I know that technology can sometimes be a little intimidating—and good reporting is crucial to your success as a search engine marketer, so it’s worth taking the time now and making sure that you get this right. The good news is that once you’ve completed your first custom report, you should have no problem creating a variety of reports to suit your individual needs, as they all follow a similar format. First, go to the reporting tab in your AdWords account and click the Create a new report link. Step 1: Select report type. From here, you can choose from the different types of reports available. We will be going through these different types and their uses next week. For now, choose the Placement / Keyword Performancereport which is explained nearby as “View performance data for

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