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Mummy Bloggers and the power of their influence

  I just attended the Digital Parents Blogger Conference in Melbourne last week. This was not my first bloggers conference, but it was my first mummy bloggers conference. And if you think mummy bloggers are just mums with a lot of time on their hands, think again. Mummy bloggers are one of, if not the most influential type of bloggers around. Because I work in the kids products industry, I’d thought that this would be a great way to understand the world of the mummy blogger. I was interested to understand how mummy bloggers thought they would fit into the great marketing mix, and what they thought they could offer brands. I think brands and specifically PR agencies often underestimate how strong influencers bloggers can be, especially mummy bloggers, because they write from the heart and are able to touch readers emotionally while making a connection.   From the conference ive realized  mummy bloggers: Blog about real issues that people can relate with. Are the best and most honest product reviewers Make awesome brand advocates Can positively lift a brands reputation and at the same time quickly drag it back down. Are social media engagers Are very under-valued by PR companies.

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