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The Dos and Don’ts for website usability testing

  As many of you would be website usability experts will find out, usability testing can be quite daunting in the very beginning. There will be many questions floating around about what should be tested, how should it be tested, and when should it be tested. And knowing what to do and what not to do when testing is a learning process of trial and error. Not all websites function in the same way, so split testing and multi variant testing techniques on some sites might differ slightly. You usually need to find these out for yourself with a little abit of basic guidance from articles like these. Based on my website testing experience, I’ve listed a few DOs and DONTs that I’ve learnt while starting a website testing plan. Here they are:   Website Testing DOs   Make sure you know why you are doing the test  Before you start any website testing, make sure you know what areas in your site you want to improve by doing the testing.  Do you want to improve the conversation rate, or decrease the bounce rate, or maybe increase the time on site. Make sure you plan to test the right things

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